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Nexus Enterprise and RED dwarf Studios partner

23rd January 2020

Nexus Enterprise and RED dwarf Studios partner

London, England - After six-months of working together, Nexus Enterprise and RED dwarf Studios have signed a technology partnership agreement for the development and implementation of a Supply Chain software application. The two have co-developed a blockchain backed solution which utilises a hybrid cloud-based API, providing end-to-end tracking on the Nexus Blockchain.

Under this agreement, Nexus Enterprise and RED dwarf Studios will offer a suite of vertical products within the Small Medium Business (SMB) space, a currently underserved portion of the market, reinforcing their joint commitment to provide the highest quality technology and solutions to both their clients and partners.

Clients of both firms now have a full service in house blockchain team, with capabilities right through the tech stack, from the underlying blockchain network to the front-end application (UI/UX). Both parties envision this partnership accelerating the speed at which businesses adopt and integrate with blockchain technology, using it to establish new streams of revenue and create next-gen ideas and concepts.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the team at RED dwarf Studios. Their credibility, track record and business network will allow blockchain technology to be provided to the previously underserved SMBs. This partnership will significantly reduce the current barriers to entry for blockchain adoption, enabling small and medium businesses to access this valuable technology.”

Alex El-Nemer
Founder, Nexus Enterprise

“The goal of this partnership is to empower brand owners and consumers by verifying whether the products we buy are safe and genuine. We are looking forward to collaborating with the Nexus Enterprise team as we create new use cases and streamline existing logistical and time management problems.”

Mark Rodriguez
Principal Managing Partner, RED dwarf Studios

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