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Nexus Enterprise launch

6th January 2020

Nexus Embassy UK launches Nexus Enterprise

We are delighted to announce the launch of Nexus Enterprise. The new enterprise brand will provide bespoke blockchain solutions, and ultimately aim to increase both the size and value of the Nexus Ecosystem as a whole.

The enterprise blockchain space has been active since 2017, with a majority of its applications being proof of concepts (PoC). After extensive research into both enterprise blockchain adopters, and other enterprise blockchain providers, we are confident that with the release of the Nexus Tritium upgrade earlier this month, Nexus Enterprise will be providing its clients with the most feature rich, secure and scalable foundation for their applications. Businesses will now be able to go far beyond a traditional PoC, building real world use cases that impact consumers, improve operational efficiencies and generate new streams of revenue.

Nexus Enterprise will offer the following blockchain services:


Private/Hybrid Blockchain

Full or partial blockchain buildout

Architecture design

Server & Node Management (private & public)

Smart Contract Development & Integration


Blockchain advisory

Business use case design and development

API spec, design and build

Pilot & Demonstration service

Smart Contract Design

“Nexus Enterprise provides an opportunity for businesses to benefit from public, private and hybrid blockchain solutions. With this structure, a single ecosystem now exists in which all blockchain participants complement, connect and provide value to one another. This is an essential step for the mass adoption of blockchain.”

Alex El-Nemer
Founder & CEO, Nexus Enterprise

About Nexus Enterprise

Nexus Enterprise is a blockchain solutions company. We provide consulting, development and integration services which allow businesses to utilise real world blockchain applications, and ultimately, evolve.

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